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Swan song

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This dress is called the “Swan Song”
Chengi wanted a dress that would remind her of her personal TRANSFORMATION.

A colour that captured the essence of NEW BIRTH as we lay Chengi’s World to rest and embrace the dawning of BLACK SWAN RELATIONSHIP ACADEMY.

She wanted a DRESS that would capture the essence of a PRECIOUS GEM.

Simple, CLASSIC and Polished like a Black Swan IS.

She wanted LUXURY and COMFORT without compromising STYLE.

The kind of dress that LIGHTS up the space and makes people smile.

A fabric DELICATE, ROMANTIC yet RESILIENT like a Black Swan

This is why our collaboration meant so much to me ... we were
Singing from the same song sheet

On this shoot markets stopped, children stared, cheers and clapping from rooftops and galleries, homeless men came to say hello, groups of security followed us everywhere until one of them broke down and said “That green dress!”

This dress is MAGNETIC like a FEMININE WOMAN

There is something so HYPNOTIC about dresses but not any old dress.

A dress beautifully crafted, modest yet seductive, long yet flirtatious. Bright yet understated.

Elegant yet versatile.

This dress needs nothing else but a Kind and Joyful soul to pull it off.

In this dress you WILL NOT BE IGNORED.

BLACK SWAN X LEEKHAYA collection and I will.

At the launch you will receive a special DISCOUNT CODE so grab your ticket in the link below


Please note: None of the collection is AVAILABLE for purchase YET. Follow @leekhayauk for launch of collection.

Chengi "EVERY woman who desires to be truly feminine must develop a love affair with dresses.

Yes they are not always practical all the time neither and is FALLING IN LOVE 😉.

No one is asking you to live in dresses just DATE them😉'

I am not referring to the tight, short, minidresses that are overtly sexual (MASCULINE) but to the former.

Chengi's favourite designer other than us is @viviennewestwood whose quote I shall conclude this post.

If in doubt, overdress ~ @viviennewestwood

Always !!!

Style @leekhayauk
Photo @shivaniphotography